Andrew’s Android Reading Software Workshop was held in Abolfazar May Volat

In line with the plan of customer reciprocation and direct monitoring of the operation of the meter and the reduction of errors, the meter reading is conducted online in the field of water supply.

According to the Public Relations Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of Khorasan Razavi, the head of Abfar Mauvlat said: “In order to reciprocate the customer and reduce the attendance of rural residents, the rural water and sanitation implemented a meter readout plan with intelligent systems, so that high probability problems To make

Mehdi Zolfaghari also referred to other features of the system and added: “With this software, the reader can immediately take a look at the issuance of a fridge, which speeds the distribution of bills and reduces the mistake of distributing and reading the other benefits of this software and makes the subscribers satisfied. Will be rural. Also, using Android reads, the speed of work is faster and faster bills get to the subscribers, and in this way, the collection of demands will be faster.

In this workshop, which was held for this purpose at the Ab-Fahr-e-Mahallat Ab-Fahr Workshop, training was provided on how to work with the new software.