Fire Fighting Firefighting Workshop Workshop on Ab-Fahr Fall Vol

Fire Fighting Firefighting Workshop Workshop on Ab-Fahr Fall Vol

In order to get acquainted with the experts and water users of Abfar Mahvolat in the face of fire, a fire fighting workshop was held in this city.

According to the Public Relations Department of Khorasan Razavi Rural Water and Wastewater Company, in this workshop, which was held with the aim of preparing the experts and water juveniles of Abfar Moghvalat Affairs in the face of fire at the facility, the necessary measures were taken when dealing with these incidents.

Responsible for health and safety issues in the water sector, has highlighted the importance of maintaining chlorine resilience in the network and regular monitoring of the ongoing network management as well as observance of safety precautions when dealing with chlorine gas and the elimination of events.

Somayeh Sharifian emphasized the need for greater care and vigilance in protecting water supply infrastructure against potential threats. Observance of the principles of safety in the washing of tanks were among the other issues mentioned in this workshop.

Further training was provided on how to use fire extinguisher capsules and how to deal with a variety of fires, and the participants at the workshop were practically fire suppressed.

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