Performed HPC and PA tests on 650 specimens in 1996 at the Ab-Far Lab Lab

“In order to control the drinking quality of the villagers, during the year 96, nearly 650 microbiological tests were carried out on drinking water samples from the villages of Mahwal and Kashmar in the city’s lab.

According to the Public Relations Department of Khorasan Razavi Rural Water and Wastewater Company, Mehdi Zolfaghari said: The drinking water laboratory of the people of the villages of the city of Mahvolat covers 26 villages, 14 water resources and 41 reservoirs and a population of 18,000 people.

The manager of the water and wastewater department of the village of Mahvolat added: “Drinking water distribution networks are monthly, reservoirs are stored twice a year, and water resources are tested once a year in microbiological sampling.

He stated: During the year 96, nearly 650 microbial tests were carried out on specimens in the lab of the city.