Planting seedlings with the “Remembrance of the Green Martyrs” at the Bakhrz Abfar Affairs Facility

With the presence of the head of Abfar Bakhrz and a group of employees, 200 seedlings were planted with the “Remembrance of the Green Martyrs” on the occasion of the Greenery Day and Afrofar plant.

According to the Public Relations Department of Rural Water and Wastewater Company of Khorasan Razavi, the head of Bakhran Abfar said before planting and irrigation of the tree on the importance and position of trees and trees: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says that anyone who sows or seedlings plant every bird and human The person who benefits from it is considered to be altruism for that person, and in the hereafter, he is rewarded with God.

Majid Bakhshi said: One of the infallibles’ emphases mentioned in verses and narrations is the attention to life and the sense of responsibility of the people and authorities against it.

He added that one of the solutions that can be organized in a good way is promoting green spaces and planting seedlings in all government agencies and institutions.